You can move heavy equipment, machinery, and other objects almost without friction by using an air cushion as your means of transportation. The rate of 1:1000 says it all.

Air cushions carry the weight that normally requires a counter weight of equal mass. Point concentrated load is also a thing of the past. It makes it possible to work on floors. The floor pressure is a maximum of 4 kgs per kg/cm2 of floor surface. Additionally, air cushions can be placed or slid directly under the machine, so that their diameter including the transportation means is often not larger than the diameter of the machine, or the product itself.


The ST-system consists of 4 air cushions with air control. You can equip your products, machines, and devices with these air cushions. Objects of various dimensions and weight (from 100 kgs to multiple tons) can be carried via air by the ST-system.

The TS-system is a complete and instant system, which is ready to be used. The air cushions have been pre-assembled under an aluminum support plate and, with the right air control, can lift the load, so that it can easily be moved, turned, or positioned.

Objects that need to be moved, or need more support can be moved by an air cushion platform. It is a steel construction with an air cushion that has a built-in air control underneath. A built-in lift function offers the possibility to move objects up or down by itself. Often, the platforms are not bigger than the objects that need to be transported. This system can be fitted with a (pneumatic) driver and, if desired, can be equipped with a remote control.

In the storage facility, objects like steel, aluminum, or cable rolls are often moved with upper racks or large lift trucks.
The alternative is our roll transporter; a steel construction with a cable clamp to keep the roll in place. Lighter rolls can be rolled onto the transporter, for heavier objects the roll transporter is equipped with a lift function. In case of very heavy and large rolls, the transporter can be equipped with a driver and remote control.

For turning subjects and installations, air cushion turn tables can offer a good solution. Because of their low construction height and low maintenance, they offer special opportunities. The wear-free air cushions guarantee a long life span and low maintenance costs. It is possible to rotate the turn tables very accurately by means of PLC-control.
Special transportation systems can be used in exceptional circumstances or areas like cleaning rooms or explosion hazardous locations, or situations with special requirements like the food industry.

The transportation systems only need two requirements to guarantee a good operation: a good air supply and a (temporarily) reasonable smooth and even floor.
In general: the better the floor, the lower the air consumption. Look for details at floor/compressed air.

Platform with a train boggie