Internal transport
The internal transportation in a company can be carried out in many ways. In some cases it is sufficient but in most cases the internal transportation can be improved.

Due to the point concentrated load, internal transportation with wheels or armored wheels can cause damage to the floor. Air cushions don’t cause a point load and will therefore not damage your expensive floor. The use of large fork lift trucks is often unwanted when transporting machines or other large devices. Often, air cushion transport systems are not larger than the object that needs to be moved. By equipping air cushion transport systems with built-in pneumatic driving gear, an object of over 1000 tons can be moved by one person only (Industry).

Due to the turning radius, it is difficult to position machines without the help of wheels. Air cushions flow on a film of air and can, therefore, make every possible movement without any problems.
Installing upper guide tracks or a rail system in or on your floor for internal transportation is often a very expensive adjustment. Air cushions ask for relatively low investments and have low maintenance costs. By moving your products with the help of air cushions, you can use your available space efficiently and optimally. (Logistics)

By fitting air cushions under your production machines, you will have the possibility of simply taking them out of the production line for maintenance, or for using the cushions in another production line.
You can even improve your market position as a producer of machinery or supply machines by offering your client the added value of machines equipped with air cushions. (Your product on our cushions)

Every company uses internal transportation. The use of air cushions or air cushion transportation systems will certainly bring many benefits to your company.