This relates to a (steel) construction with an air cushion underneath and a built-in air control.
Objects that need to be moved or that need more support can be placed on an air cushion platform.
The platform can be equipped with (pneumatic) drivers if regular use is needed, or heavier objects need to be moved. The platform can also be equipped with a remote control.
Thus, a supply system, assembly line, or an internal movement system can be made.

A built-in lift feature provides the possibility to pick up and drop objects on its own and, thus, creates a large vertical movement. By applying, for example, a scissor lift, you can obtain an ideal auxiliary to place machines or products in a production line.
Get to know the many benefits of this system and discover its many application possibilities.

Air cushion transport systems function through a continuous supply of air between the air cushion and the floor. It is, therefore, important that the floor meets certain conditions.

The air consumption depends on the settings, the load, and the floor.
See: floor/compressed air.

Beams are extremely suitable for replacing stands or gantry cranes. Beams are (steel) constructions with two or three air cushions in line.

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Scissor lifting platform on air cushions

Crane gantry on air cushions