This relates to a (steel) construction with cable clamps to keep the rolls in place.

Internal transportation of rolls is often difficult and labor-intensive because of the relatively high weight of the rolls. Air cushion transport provides the perfect solution, because the air cushion transport system isn’t much bigger than the object that needs to be moved. Paper rolls, cable rolls, coils, and other round objects like wheels can easily be moved with the roll transporter.

In cases where rolls can’t be placed manually on the roll transporter due to ergonomic issues, it is possible to equip the transporter with a built-in lift feature. Pneumatic drivers and a remote control are also options.

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Air cushion transport systems function through a continuous supply of air between the air cushion and the floor. It is, therefore, important that the floor meets certain conditions.
The air consumption depends on the settings, the load, and the floor.
See: floor/compressed air.

The controls and the steering work via compressed air. This makes the transporter suitable for explosion and fire hazardous locations.

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