The TS-system consists of an air cushion that is assembled to support plates, a corresponding control box, air pipes, connections, and an instruction manual (see photo).

This system is also referred to as a ready-to-use system: ready to use immediately with a clear instruction manual. After reviewing this manual and connecting the system to an air supply you will immediately experience the benefits of air cushion transport.
The TS-system is a stand-alone system that does not have to be installed onto or under other machines and can be slid under the cargo thanks to its low construction height.

Cargos can easily be moved, rotated, and positioned due to the unlimited horizontal possibility to move. This makes the air cushion transport systems a great advantage in cases where there is a need for frequent turning, bending, making side movements, and producing fast and controlled work. ‘Gliding’ in and out of the production line can also be achieved trouble-free.

Air cushion transport systems work through an ongoing air supply between the air cushion and the floor. Therefore, the floor should comply with certain conditions.
The air consumption depends on the settings, the load and the floor.
See: Floor/Compressed air

This system is already used in numerous applications like transfer, rotation, and positioning of containers, stands, stages, busses, paper rolls, ships, cranes, magnets, moulds, steel plates, computers, telephone switchboards, and machines, just to name a few. It can also be used for the exchange, movement, cleaning, repair, etc. of machines.

This is, of course, only a small part of the application possibilities of air cushion transport. We are happy to advice you free of obligations in case of further questions.
A set of TS system