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Welcome to this website,

Active since 1986 we are well known as a reliable business partner, as confirmed by many repeated customers in a wide variety of industries.

Specialised in 5 product lines:
Lifting tables Hydraulic scissor lifting tables for all your needs,
from 50 to 30.000 kg, from rather small to very large.

Lifting platforms and ramps for disabled peopleEquipment for disabled people
Transport on Air cushions Transport on air-cushions from 100 kg to 200 tonnes,
Minimal pushing forces, easy and accurate positioning.
On-board weighing systems On-board weighing systems on:
- earthmoving trucks,
- road transportation trucks,
- material handling trucks.

Scales, weighing platforms, crane weighers, wheel weighers, ...
Hydraulic attachments on forklift trucks Hydraulic forklift attachments:
fork positionners, rotators, clamps, ...
Pronomic Minilifts Lift & Drive mini-lifts for ergonomic and safe handling
of light goods up to 225 kg like boxes, crates and rolls in
pharmaceutical, food, packing industries.