Hydraulic scissor tables for the industry
x technical prime quality
x extended range
x custom made
x also in stainless steel
different control valvesA selection from the wide range of the control valves available, like:

xContinuously running pump motors with by-pass valves for high frequency starts,

xStop valves for high precision positioning,

xControls for tilting platforms,

xPilot operated check valves for double acting cylinders. Hydraulic pumps

A very wide range of long life motors, pumps and valves allow us to match your requirements for lifting speed and frequency of operation. Dual speed and soft start are options.

Arm set rollersAlle lagers zijn vervangbaar.
All scissor prelubricated bearings can be easily replaced.
The main scissor axle and the cylinder pins are made of steel Fe510.
For heavy applications, we recommend to use chrome-plated rods, with grease nipples and maintenance free self-adjusting spherical bearings according to DIN648E with seals.
For extreme working conditions, as a 24 hours continuous operation or in a corrosive environment, we recommend the conical bearings.
Our skilled engineers will be glad to advise the best components and specifications for your application.

Own made lift cylinders
Our own high-quality cylinder tubes are made of Fe510 steel with the internal bore honed and polished to an exceptionally smooth surface of Ra <  0,4 Ám. All cylinder tubes are inspected individually by our quality control prior to use.
The piston rods are made to the same high standards as the cylinders and are hard chrome plated to a thickness of >25Ám.
A hose break rupture valve is built into the bottom of each cylinder.
To reduce corrosion, oil leak and contamination, a drain hose is connected from the cylinder back to the tank (except S. types).

Cylinder tube

The safety factor by cylinder stress calculations is 1,8.
Pressure hoses comply with main European standards and made according to DIN 20066.Hydraulic powerpacks

When the power pack is standing separately, it is connected to the lifting table by a pressure hose - marked as s1 after the motor power in the list of models.
All scissor lifting tables are built according to Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, EN1570-1 and the German VBG14. Each table is supplied with a comprehensive printed manual with diagrams, exploded views and parts list, as well as an EC declaration.

The lifting tables are fully protected with a hardwearing 2-component acrylic resin finish surface coating in standard colours blue RAL5015 or green RAL6011.

Technical modifications can be applied without prior notice.