Platform lifts for disabled people
This guidance assists in the selection of a suitable powered lifting platform
When selecting a powered lifting platform, consider if the needs of the user are likely to change in the future. Select a lifting platform with a rated load that is capable carrying the maximum foreseeable load.
Where either manual or automatic operation are optionally available for devices such as doors, barriers or hinged platforms, consider which is more appropriate for the user.

1. Control (operating) devices
Consider the position, type and number of operating controls that would suit users with different disabilities.
Consider whether a key switch, electronic card or similar means is necessary to restrict the use of lifting platforms to authorised users.

2. Location of the lifting platform
Check if the proposed location of the lifting platform is suitable. For example, check the following:
a) that the installation will not obstruct normal activities in and around the building,
b) that the site location proposed supporting structure is strong enough to support the lifting platform,
c) that adequate wheelchair manoeuvring space will be available at each landing level served (approx. 1500 x 1500 mm).

3. Electrical supply and lighting
Ensure that a suitable electrical supply is available.
Ensure that adequate lighting is available on the landings.

4. Operating/emergency instructions:
Ensure that operation of the lifting platform is demonstrated to the user and that the user is fully instructed on its safe use including
a. instructions on the correct emergency operating procedure in case of breakdown,
b. the names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons to contact for emergency services.

5. Alarm system:
Consideration should be given to the desirability of providing an alarm system.

Type Guldmann LP1 Guldmann LP5 Guldmann LP50 Guldmann LP8 Barduva RB150 Guldmann LP11
1167 x 712 1620 x 900 1450 x 1080 1523 x 924 1400 x 1100
or 1400 x 1000
or 1400 x 900
1400 x 850
90 - 500 150 - 875 500 (750) 79 - 3000 80 - 3000 180 - 1000
180 kg 300 kg 450 kg, including
floor covering
350 kg 400 kg 300 kg
230V - 192W 230V - 14,7W 230V - 15W 230V - 550W 230V - 1,1 kW 230V - 170W
ISO 9386-1 except platform sizes,
EN60601-1 + 2
ISO 9386-1,
EN 60601-1 + 2
ISO 9386-1,
EN60601-1 + 2
ISO 9386-1,
EN 60601-1 + 2
2006/42/EU 2006/42/EU
private home private / public private / public private / public private / public temporary like on events, in theatres and train stations
LP1 lifting platform for disabled people, up to 500 mm stroke LP5 lifting platform for disabled people, up to 875 mm high LP50 with vertical lifting and horizontal translation
LP8, lifts up to 3m info RB150 heft tot 3m hoogte info LP11 mobile pour gares et théâtres
Models LP1, 5 and 8 can be built into a small pit. The shorter access ramp to lower level saves space.
LP1, 5, 8 and 12 can be installed indoor or outdoor. If outdoor, rain water must be properly drained.
When lifting above 500 mm, LP5 and LP8 will be equipped with locking doors.
Special sizes? Other models? Please ask

ISO 9386-1: power-operated lifting platform for persons with impaired mobility.
EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-1-2: medical electrical equipment.
2006/42/EU: Machine Directive.