Weighing on static conveyor belts
An actual roller station is removed and installed on the PFREUNDT weigh beam, with belt speed tachometer,
especially built for static belts without too much vibrations,
weighing microprocessor PFREUNDT WK50S BW,
LCD display shows tons/hour, belt speed and total weight.

Easy self-assembly: you can easily assemble the BW-2 S yourself. In this way you save on additional service personnel, doubling the value of your weighing system. Follow the clearly laid out instructions.
Electronics pre-installed: prefabricated cables with plugs permit the straightforward connection of the sensor and tachometer to the WK 50S BW microprocessor. The electronics need not even be opened.
System pre-calibrated: the weighing electronics is factory pre-set. All you need to do is set a few belt parameters and the scale is independently precise and ready to be employed. If needed, you can further optimize the measured values in the installed scales by running comparative weighting and by fine-tuning the electronics.

In the new BW-2 S for static applications, you have a low-priced weighing system that you can assemble yourself. Clear instructions are included in the scope of supply.

+ integrated printer on tickets or separate rollprinter,
+ microprocessor, power supply transformer and heating unit built into a cabinet,
+ built-in relay switches when target weight is reached or when an error message is displayed or every "x" kg,
+ analogue output for automatic processes.

For mobile applications on crushers, screening machines or agricultural equipment, go to ->>

Weighing system on conveyor belt
BW2-S weighing system for static conveyor belts