On-board weighing on wheel loaders
2 hydraulic pressure sensors measure dynamically while lifting on both sides of the pistons in the lifting cylinders,
Weighs at any lifting speed thanks to the double proximity switches on the lifting boom,
Installation can be done on any wheel loader, from small to big sizes, new or used and all brands.

Having a longer lifetime than the wheel loader itself, it is often transferred from the old to the new truck.

Weighing microprocessors PFREUNDT WK60XS, WK60S or WK60 have following common features:
+ Accuracy: 1%
+ Accumulation of consecutive weighings
+ Subtract from a target weight
+ Target weight of the last bucket can be easily achieved
+ Stand-by button: weighings are temporarily inhibited
+ Color touchscreen display with alphanumeric keyboard with hardened safety glass.
Type WK60XS WK60S WK60
Picture of the microprocessor in the driver's cabin WK60XS WK60S x WK60 x
Display size 5" 7" 7"
Can be stamped to class Y(b), for building materials, raw materials, some waste products no yes yes
Calibration for max. x buckets; can not be stamped 2, option 5 5 5
Printer on slips or roll only slips yes yes
Manage day, week, month, year and everlasting total only "day" yes yes
+ customers with name, address, phone, note, payment conditions,
+ products with density, price and note,
+ driver,
+ trucks with payload,
+ building sites with address,
+ containers.
option 300
500 10.000
Database of last xxx weighings 250, option 1000 10.000 50.000
Alibi memory no yes yes
Show and print volume no yes yes
Weighing slip with prices and VAT amount for cash payers no yes yes
Separate weight for truck and trailer no yes yes
Cumulative slips for repeated but non-consecutive weighings, for instance at the crusher output no yes yes
Transfer of weighing data with USB-stick, CSV format yes yes yes
Transfer of basic data and weighings by WLAN from/to Pfreundt Webportal option option yes
Transfer of basic data and weighings by GPRS from/to Pfreundt Webportal no option yes
Weighing software dedicated to your business no no option
Manage orders and recipees no no option
Link to a network printer no no option
Upgradable to more sophisticated microprocessor - - to WK60 - -
The various possibilities on WK60XS, WK60S and WK60 listed above can be switched on/off at the time of installation, according to your application/requirements.