Crane scales
Digital, type MCW, rated capacities from 150 to 35000 kg
Stainless steel housing, IP67,
LCD backlit display with 25 mm high digits,
Remote control up to 10m,
Rechargeable battery runs 40 hours, easily interchangeable,
Adjustable automatic cut-off to save power,
Adjustable digital filter,
Functions: PEAK, HOLD, SUM,
Safe load 200%,
Break load 500%.

+ trade approval class III (0,1%) up to 8000 kg, 3000 divisions,
+ attached thermal printer,
+ RF weight transmission to remote indicator and printer up to 70 m,
+ LED display with 20 or 40 mm high figures,
+ ATEX II 2G c IIC T4, non trade approvable, 6 to 30 tons.

Price list
Digitale weeghaak, ijkbaar, type MCW
Compact digital,
type MCWN,capacities from 300 to 9000 kg
LCD backlit display with 25 mm high digits,
Galvanised shackles,
Precision: +/- 0.03% of full scale,
Waterproof keyboard with 5 keys: ON/OFF, 0, TARE, MODE, PRINT,
Fitted with remote control up to 8m, may be configured by the customer as automatic tare only or as a 4-key remote keyboard,
Painted steel case,
Operating temperatures: -10/+ 40șC,
Programmable digital filter and automatic cut-off,
Fitted with 4 Alkaline AA batteries (non-rechargeable), with 40-hour operating time of continuous functioning (or up to 3 months of typical non-continuous use, thanks to the auto switch-off function).
Fitted with storage case 41 x 26 x 24 cm.

+ trade approval CE-M (0,1%) up to 6000 / 5 kg,
+ swiveling bottom hook.

Price list
Digitale compacte weeghaak, ijkbaar, type MCWN
Digitale weeghaak STA
Digitale weeghaak STR
Crane scale and/or dynamometer to measure traction forces,
Supplied in a handy carrying case,
Backlit LCD display with 5 digits -25 mm high,
Display and keyboard in scale,
Display in kg, tons, lbs, N or kN,
Remote control with keys: zeto, tare, max. weight, low battery voltage, overload alarm.
Powered by 3x AA batteries,
Not for trade.

2 types remote control:
+ CHS M:

  keyboard without display,
  15 m range,
  powered by 2x AAA batteries
+ CHS W:
  keyboard with display,
  50 m range,
  powered by 4x AA batteries.

Price list
Digitale weeghaak CHS met afstandsbediening
Spring suspended crane scale Salter
Diameter 150 or 250 mm dials,
  ABS housing from 5 to 100 kg,
  metal case from 5 to 300 kg.
Up to 15% zero adjustment.
Crane scale with ABS case, type 235-6S Crane scale with metal case 235-10X
Mechanical crane scale Dillon Dillon AP dynamometer
Zero/tare range over 20% of capacity,
Precision max. ± 0,5% of full scale,
Safety factor minimum 4:1,
Anti-parallax dial and pointer offers accurate readings from varying sight lines,
Maximum indicator,
2 shackles, hook is optional,
> dial diameter 125 mm, from 200 kg to 10 tons,
    high strength composite plastic housing,
    supplied with ABS case.
> dial scale 250 mm, from 200 kg to 50 tons,
    rugged cast aluminium case,
    optional metal transport case to 10 tons
    supplied with wooden case from 15 to 50 tons.

Price list
Crowbar weigher
Weighing crowbar for gas bottles and fire extinguishers:
allows weighing the bottles without lifting it manually: the crowbar is pushed under the bottle, the bottle is slightly lifted, then the weight is shown on the digital display,
built-in maintenance-free 12 Volts battery,

Very useful for maintenance engineers of fire protection equipment
Crowbar weigher