Lifting platform Guldmann LP50 for less mobile people

Lifting height up to 50 cm (83 cm as an option),

The Stepless LP50 is a lifting platform which is recessed into the floor intended for lifting wheelchair users and those with walking difficulties over minor height differences of up to 500 (830) mm.

To customise the LP50 into different places and surroundings, the lifting platform is prepared for a 22 mm covering on the platform such as wooden floor, tiles or similar.

The « LP50 » series consists of 2 models:
The LP50 which has a vertical lift only,
The LP50H is a lifting platform with a combined vertical lift and horizontal movement. Below pictures.

Specifications of the lifting platform LP50:
Lifting height: 0 to 500 (830*) mm
Lifting capacity up to 375 kg, including the floor covering.

Outer sizes (L x W): 1550 x 1150 mm,
Inside dimensions (L x B): 1500 x 1100 mm,
Pit depth: 155 mm,
Covering dept: 20 mm.

*: 830 mm lifting height is allowed if operated with a key switch.

Can be built in public buildings or private homes
Built in Denmark.
Watch the short video on YouTube (3 min.)
Technical specifications(520 kB)