Air cushions from Aerofilm Systems enable transportation and positioning of heavy industrial objects in a safe and efficient manner. The air cushions allow objects to float on a thin layer of air with practically no friction.

Problem-free transportation and movements by way of air flow. Machines and products can change from heavy weight to light weight in an instant. Air cushion transport makes it all possible. 

Aerofilm Systems supplies ’muscle-men’ based on air for over 25 years! 

Internal transportation can be improved in almost every company. Right now, air cushion transport is only used in very difficult circumstances. But often, air cushions can supply enormous improvements. for example, in cases where wheel transportation does not function well and a replacement or a renewal is planned. And installations that cannot be transported can easily be moved by air cushion transport. 

The air cushions are filled with compressed air, which is released between the air cushion and the floor. An air film is formed, a thin layer of air, that enables practically zero contact between the bottom of the air cushion and the floor. The air cushion with the object on top is now flowing. The object on the air cushion can now easily be moved with a friction of approx. 0.001 of the object’s weight. This means that 1.000 kgs of weight needs only 1 kg force of movement. Larger objects can be moved by using more or bigger air cushions. There are various types of air cushions depending of the application. In a great many situations, an air cushion provides a clear improvement compared to conventional means of transportation like horizontal moving in multiple directions. 

Depending on the demand of the client, we offer an appropriate solution. Get to know this maintenance-free, clean way of transportation. 

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– Efficient
– Small investment
– Reliable
– Minimal maintenance
– Ergonomic
– For indoor and outdoor use
– Long life span
– Easily adjustable